Welcome to our virtual expo! Our community has so many people involved in all kinds of good works, and we want to make it easy for you to find out all about it. Simply click on the boxes and each time a video of c. 2-5 minutes will appear. The first film is a bit longer – 8.5 minutes - for a 2019-2020 retrospective to get us in the mood. Enjoy it all!

2019-2020: A Fun Retrospective
A Better Man
Addiction Recovery Ministry ("ARM")
Beardsley School
Building & Facilities/Capital Campaign 2020
Committee on Ministries ("COMS")
Endowment Committee
Faith Formation: Adults
Faith Formation: Children and Youth
Gender Equity Team
Immigration and Refugee Outreach
Intern Worship Committee
John St. Bridge Outreach
KIVA: Microfinance
Leadership Development Team ("LDT")
Legacy Society Planning Committee
Memorial Garden
Neighborhood Circles
Nominating Committee
Pastoral Care Chaplains
Prevention of Gun Violence
Racial Justice Council
Safer Congregations
Shawl Ministry
Soul Matters
TUCW Caring Support Network
TUCW Hiking and Outdoors Group
TUCWSocial Email Group
UU Movie Discussion Group
UU the Vote
Voices Cafe
Westbridge Coalition
Worship Associates
Year-Round Stewardship

2022-2023: Committees & Teams